Life this way! Why??

So this is my first blog here, and I hope it will be a great journey of sharing my thoughts here with .

My life like everyone else is an adventure in itself, a learning process that enhances the character and a source of pure entertainment. But I don’t see life as a journey of growing up, getting educated and earning a living and finally regretting about things in your old years that you could have done. Because when we will be in our 80s or even 90s( if you really want to stuck here for that long) holding a stick in one hand and coughing everything out of our mouth, this is not gonna give us anything but a headache that will in return increase more of your tensions and stress.

I rather see it from a view point where it needs to have a purpose that doesn’t change with situations, people and mere life conditions. A purpose that has a meaning of higher degree and that inspires a person to leave a mark on the society. Not that you become a gangster and start killing the people, because that mark will make you a bad ass.
When I began for my quest in life that was merely because I was fed up of the working of this society and wanted to find something substantial that has a deeper meaning to it and that is not defined by society,  the questions that were instantly knocking my mind were:

What is the primary purpose of this life?

Why are we here in this earth for a definite amount of time and finally die? (as if someone pulls a switch and orders you that it’s enough bullshit on earth, and come back) Why ,as in present times, there is so much hatred in this world for fellow beings as if they were made from an inferior quality material and others from high quality? These questions were demanding an answer and that too in real quick time.

I began to, by myself, observe every aspect of life. Those moments of sadness and joy which are ever changing, the people around with different background & thought process, the nature that was giving so much without expecting ignoring all the sophisticated blunder made by mankind. The thought that always made its way in my mind was that the world is certainly beautiful with all the shortcomings( let’s be a little kind toward ourselves). There are subtle elements that make it a journey different for everyone and yet so same.
But as I observed this world carefully I almost knew that the questions to be answered required a more scrutinised observation. But a real and a significant finding of this brief observation was that  This world is surely working in a certain manner that is ethereal and is above the mind level. There is some energy(an old man you may refer to as God if you like) that is helping this world function with all the aspects being interrelated in the most perfect manner.
As I observe more of this world and find some experiences, life events and everything else that are worth sharing I would come here to spit it all. The aim will always be to discover various ingredients of life that will provoke a thought in your mind and helps you change for better.


Thank You


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Shubhit Khaneja

Never understood the ways of this world and not intending to do so. See the world as I see and you'll perceive everything as a hoax. Read, and start a debate.

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4 thoughts on “Life this way! Why??”

  1. Nicely written ! I like it !!
    I would like to know more about the answer of question – ‘primary purpose of life’ !!

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