The *Blame Game* syndrome.

Do you have a favourite game?

I am pretty sure you do have one. Some are die hard fans of cricket,some are fascinated by football and others keep a list of favourite games with them.
But one game that we often play with utmost dedication and honesty is often skipped out of our minds when we are asked this question. Of course you know what I am talking about, I have given this post the title about it(duh!). Yes, blame game, the game where there are no winners but only losers.

So this game (and I am pretty much sure of this) is the most played game in this entire world. You never really know when you are playing it because it keeps on going beyond your conscious. And we, humans are so much in love with this that even if we recognise it, we end up playing it over again.

⚫I got late for work, it was due to traffic. But don’t you commute from same route everyday!?! It was different today because some monsters came down the road and started dancing on Hips don’t lie, I understand!
⚫I did not get good marks in the test because there was scarcity of time. Undoubtedly time was less, because your teacher is an idiot who doesn’t know how much time it takes to complete the test. Don’t worry, I completely understand.
⚫I am not able to maintain a relationship and it’s due to the fact that other person is not considerate. And you always do the right thing because you are the epitome of perfection for this world.

The answer could have been very easily
‘It was my mistake. Sorry.’

Why is it that we put blames on people, situations or anything that we find is convenient to put blame on?

Why is it so hard for us to just accept the mistake veraciously?

It’s obviously the Ego that gets hurt more often than not. Every time it tells you that if you are accepting the mistake, you are being a fucking LOSER. As if at the back of your mind it’s all the time shouting ‘Do not accept your mistake, it’s a trap!!’ And always keep you chained in it’s clutches. Because the moment you accept the mistake all burden is gone chhoo!! Now there is no Drama left for the mind to thrive on.
It’s forms a mirage of your *prestige* where you are not allowed to commit mistakes and every time you commit a mistake start blaming others ASAP.

This is what we indulge in our everyday life. But does this give us any substantial results, any solutions to the situations we are dealing with?NOT AT ALL.
Let’s get mature in the true sense today and start facing the situations as it is. Help yourself to find solutions to the problems and not something on which we can blame on.

Blame on you, blame on me,
blame on everything we see.
No more!!


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