Humans endangered!!


The earth has sustained life for almost 3.5 billions years now. The giving nature of mother earth allowed so many species to evolve and prosper here. But the species that has been regarded as the superior of all species, that is, the HUMANS evolved much later, about 200,000 years ago. I don’t know how we got here or what was the whole process but it must have been something pious and surreal.

But do we really look evolved?
Are we really growing as humans?

There will be a number of material achievements that will come in our minds in answer to this question and all the advancements we have made in every fucking field. We can entertain ourselves with these developments for as long as we want. But the truth is, we have screwed ourselves and degraded in the true sense.

➡Look at the earth for example, how it is suffering from global warming, environmental degradation, pollution of all sorts, scarcity of resources and a whole lot of problems that we are aware of. And everyone while being aware of the fact will be like “Yeah, so said. We should do something, blah blah.. But a few will really act.
➡A sect of us still doesn’t get food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear and ultimately die in worst conditions. Yes, we will sympathise with them for a while and then carry on with the shit we have to deal with.

The torture of this so called progress doesn’t stop here. We are making continuous efforts to downgrade it further. As we are the only species on this earth which is in a battle with its own fellow beings to outrun one another. The countries, for instance are investing hell lot of money in weapons just to be better than the others. And what these weapons will do? Kill humans of other countries to save humans of a country. Insane, isn’t it?
We are not in cooperation with each other but a competition to win over others.


Also, the basic qualities of a human like selflessness, compassion for others, being considerate & humble, caring for the people around, showing empathy towards the pain of others, being tolerant towards a situation are so rare that if a person possess even some of these, is termed as a Saint and then we make him the avatar of this God or that God. But aren’t we all supposed to have all of this?

‘Why it is becoming so hard for us to possess these qualities but possess all the materialistic shit? ‘

I hope this misery of human race comes to an end where we all look to enhance the quality of life for each other. And we all try to restore this earth to it’s original and purest form where there was only giving without any expectations.


“We and only we, can save our race.”


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