The social network drama

The definition of being *social* has certainly changed in today’s world. Back in the times, being social was having a large group of friends, meeting each other frequently and sharing the best & worst of the times together. And now in the generation of smart phones the definition of being social has taken up a new meaning altogether. The people are collecting friends on Facebook & followers on other sites like they are collecting coins in Temple Run( and ironically the hunt goes on forever in both cases).
And now I’ll try to demonstrate what actually happens in some of the most common social networking apps nowadays:

1) Facebook: This is the giant of social network in present times according to me. You will find almost all of the people you meet daily here unless you are meeting an alien from Mars.
Now you are friends: Before you get acquainted with someone, the question you’ll often ask them is ‘Are you on Facebook?’ As if this is the mandatory agreement required to be signed by both the individuals to be friends with each other. Or some of us will directly go on Facebook after the meeting and search the person to the core till we don’t find them and send friend request. And then there will be a sense of achievement within ourselves when the request is accepted. The story ends for both here, as now one more “friend” is added in friend list even if you are never meeting again but guess what you are friends on Facebook. Kudos!
Those annoying pages: I swear to God if I, by any chance, find the admins of those pages who are constantly begging for likes, I’ll beat them to death. These motherfuckers are so creepy when they post pictures about every subject and say nonsense like this:
‘If you don’t like this you don’t love Jesus.’
If you don’t like this, the kid will die of cancer’
‘If you don’t like this you don’t love your mother'( My mother is not waiting for a fucking like on Facebook to show my love you dipshit!!)


2) Twitter: This social app can be referred to as the creator of hashtags. It has ruined the #English #language #in #the #most #delightful #and #risible #way. But let’s not get into that and talk about Twitter’s idiotic social activities.


Tweet/Retweet for what: So now a thought came into your mind about some actor, sports, situation, a joke and instantly you grab your phone to tweet about this on your account or you will die of fatal twitter virus . Apparently, there may be a person sitting next to you or in very close proximity but you instead, climb to the higher & retarded level of getting social. Salute to your intelligence.
TeamFollowback: After you are on Twitter, what next? You need to get followers real quick or you’ll just suck into your attempt of being social but failing disgustingly as you were lacking followers for your tweets. Here comes the saviour for all, the TeamFollowback. There is at least a million accounts on Twitter who are constantly getting followers for you, no matter where they get them from, what that account is for but thank God you’ll get followers without much of a pain. And now you are social because you have a large number of followers even if you don’t know what their name is. Applause for you and your followers.

3) Instagram: I am still trying to figure out what was so innovative about this app that it blasted in the social app market.
Useless Sharing: You click the photos, edit them with effects that take away the originality of the photo, put some wacky hashtags and upload it on the app. And then you wait for likes by your friends on the photos. But didn’t the Facebook already allowed the sharing of photos? Oh, it was lacking the dippy effects or was it to do with the hashtag game? Still wondering.


♦But Instagram and Smartphones together have produced a very special and a magnificent form of photography, Selfies. All the foolish faces that you can think of will be in the database of Instagram. And guess what? You are showing these photos just to be social in the purest form.
Congratulations!!Now you are a certified socially active person.

Not on any of these apps?? Believe me, you got a LIFE friend!!


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