Positivism, an exercise!


Life is full of surprises. We expect some things and we don’t expect other things which come as a surprise to us, be it good or bad as we always put a label on it. There will always be some situations in this life which will be pretty hard to deal with. The situations that are not in accordance with our desires and aspirations. And then we start cribbing about why this is happening, why that is not happening, I never wanted this, I never wanted that and so on. But almost every time that cribbing makes the situation get worse and consequently we become demotivated, depressed & disheartened looking for life to take a turn unearthly.

And when negativity kicks in, these not so appealing and appreciated situations are termed as Problems. The problems that we feel only we are dealing with, the problems that we think only come to us and make our life a misery. But are there really problems in our life that make us to drown in our thoughts or it’s just us and our reactions towards the situations that make them problems. The reactions that are not so positive and keep us away from enjoying the moment. Many of us will be wondering positive reactions in difficult situations? Are you fucking kidding me??!! But that’s acceptable because that’s how we have lived in the past giving due importance to negativity and also that’s what we are made to believe by the society.

Positivity is not being oblivious to the situation at hand and letting the situation act on you, rather it is a higher and a more refined form of reacting to a situation. Being positive only brings out the pros of a situation. Apparently, there will always be some downsides in the situation but instead of making them centre of your mind, positivism helps to reduce the overall effect of those factors.

Let us see some of the life situations that require us to be more positive instead of highlighting any toylike negativity present in it:
🔷 Here’s a situation where you need to reach somewhere real quick but guess what? You get stuck in traffic. Surprise, surprise! Now how  can you deal with this situation. Either you keep honking till your horn shouts ‘Give me a break you knucklehead!’ or you can simply enjoy the music that’s playing in your car and wait for the traffic to clear up. If you go with the first option you are not going to find a solution to the situation and also your blood pressure will shoot up rapidly. But if you go the proton way, that is, more positively you’ll enjoy the music and deal with the situation in a more relaxed way.
🔷 You lost your job just because the company is looking to cut expenses and your job was murdered in the process. Now you have a serious situation where you can easily go into depression if you take a lot of stress about this. But again this won’t help to get the job back. Now you need to relax a bit, think of the options at hand, face the situation with composed mind and you’ll surely find a way. This is surely not a solution in itself but rather how you can survive peacefully till the time you don’t find a solution.
🔷There are times when you give all your effort but the result is not what you were expecting. There must not be any negativity that should come to your mind about such situations because it will never help to improve the situation but inject more junk in the situation.

Above stated are a very few situations that I have tried to illuminate here. I know there are far more complex situations that come across in an individual’s life. But what’s important to remember is that those negative thoughts will not lead us anywhere in life and only make the situation worse. You can only deal with the situation if you accept it totally and then take certain decisions with a positive and a composed mind.

Train your mind to see the good in every situation.’


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