The aged and purified ones.

This one is about the souls that have completed most of their journey in life. The ones who have gone through the grinding of this life to become more strong as a person and have also enhanced their character in the process. The aged souls in your homes who have been through all of it that you are probably experiencing at this point in life.

Today, I talk about your Grandparents. The child-like innocence they constitute in themselves and also the advantages that they provide with to help make your life better. Yes, the ones who are left behind in some of the cases because they don’t have anything to give you but their life experience. These souls are truly glorified because they have seen the ups and downs of the life, understood the laws of change and impermanence. The things or the situations that make you so much depressed has already occurred in their lives and they have the key to bliss in those situations.


The times when you feel the life is falling apart and nothing’s going right for you is the time to go to them and ask for help. They surely will provide you with the wisdom that is invaluable and has the capability to face any situation of this life.
The time you suffered a serious failure in your life that has shattered you internally and you are looking for guidance. Take time from your life and denote it to these souls that are always willing to help you no matter what the conditions are.
Those moments when you get annoyed because they are constantly telling you to not to do is or to do that. No doubt, it makes you bothered about the freedom they are taking away from you but it will make a great impact on your life if you inculcate those wisdoms in your life.

These souls are not going to last forever( so is the law of nature) and these are marvels in your life to help you go further in life and learn about various life components. Take as much information, the key points, the various tricks in life possible from them as you’ll be missing those teachings when you finally end up in a crisis situation.

Respect these souls as they shower wisdom unconditionally.


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