A world so perfect!

This world is getting colder day by day.

In the above quote, I am not referring to temperature as it would be foolish on my part to expect the world to be colder with all the efforts that we are making towards global warming. What I am referring to is obviously the most exciting part of this world, that is, the humans. We have become aliens to one another showing least compassion for each other. The need of the hour was to act responsibly in the times of crisis but we very conveniently helped ourselves to take the self-centred way of finding solutions.

But when I see the world around and the activities of humans towards the society and one another I imagine a world that is truly peaceful. The world where there is consideration towards the fellow beings, empathy for each other and acting responsibly in every task we perform. Let’s take a look at some of the changes that will take place in the paradigm of this world if this world changed for better:

Why there are traffic signals on the roads? Of course, the answer will be to stop the traffic of one road so that the other can move on. And we all know how we humans act as intolerant  beasts in the absence of these signals. But why cannot there be an absolute considerate situation where traffic on a road stops itself so that other side can make a move. And the side that is moving now, after a while be thoughtful enough towards the others and stop by itself and the other side then gets a chance to cross by. Here’s a win/win situation.

There is scarcity of resources, right? This question flashes a quote that I read in 10th grade and it says: “There is enough for one’s needs but not for one’s greed.” And somewhere down the line, most of us know that this earth has a lot to provide for everyone. But why there is so much hassle among the societies or for that matter even countries then? The answer is very much clear but hard to accept. It’s undoubtedly due to the selfish nature of the humans that has caused the trouble for the mankind itself. It could have been so better if the one with surplus resources is willing to give to the one who is scarce of them with utmost respect and love.

Do you see the differences between various countries that is affecting the world? The differences between America and Russia, between Pakistan and India or the Chinese battling against the rest of the world. These differences shed blood in the past that could have well been donated to save millions of lives. Why there is such tension? It’s presumably because of the dominance that one country wants over the other. The dominance that may not be physical but may be economical, political or in any other form. And I wonder what it would be like if all the countries take time to discuss each other’s problems and find solutions. Thinking beyond the boundaries ,that are created by men, and making an effort towards the humanity as a whole.

Everything discussed above will seem impossible to agree on and to even think that this can happen in this world. And it is totally acceptable because that is how we think and live our lives. And societies, districts or countries are made of us. If we are not making a change in ourselves we will probably vanish due to our own mean actions.


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