The compulsive fault-finders!

I often wonder why there are no signals in life that notify us immediately when we are doing something wrong or indulge in a behaviour that is not called for. The life would have been so much easier then. Imagine you said something offensive to someone and there’s a knock-knock on your head followed by an intense voice saying “This move was wrong Sir.” You could have easily said sorry to the person then and move on. Of course it’s just a wild wild imagination but a very useful one in this world where you will constantly have to deal with people who are experts at faultfinding.

I call these people ‘the compulsive fault finders’. Because you know what, whatever you do they are sitting and waiting eagerly to criticise you in the most disregarded way. They are like a self proclaimed rating agency in your life, the main function being to rate all your actions.’This was 6/10. That was 9/10. This was close to 10/10.’ And the worst part of this whole thing can be that sometimes you cannot throw them out of your life as they may be your so-called friends, your relatives or any other form of close relation that is hard to remove from life.

I don’t know how many people are of this category but I am cocksure that there are quite a few. I see people around myself who whenever meet someone are very sugarcoated in the whole meeting and as soon as the meeting is over, they take out there notepad & pen and start criticising. And this is how it goes:
-‘I don’t like the way she was flaunting her credentials all the time.’

-‘I didn’t like the tone of his voice.’

-‘She was not dressed well for the occasion.’

-‘I think he was very arrogant in his behaviour.’

-‘He was trying to act smart with me. I think he didn’t know my status in the society.’

-‘I think she might not be good with her family matters also.’

And a whole bunch of faults that they can find (not to mention, that too within minutes of a meeting). Sometimes they might even say it in your face (that is much better than this squawking technique though). And this whole thing makes them the centre of the whole matter. As if the other person’s wholehearted motive was to impress them.
But here’s a little secret to share, if you have these fault-finders in your life, you probably have a blessing in disguise. Because then you have a person or a group of people for that matter, constantly allowing you to learn in life and have a steep graph of growth by digging out your mistakes . Although they may pinpoint some of your actions that are not really caused by you but the situation itself. For that, take a deep breath and give them a punch in their faces!!



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