Human Pollution: Filthiest of all.

From the early years in the high school till the present times, the books have taught the same types of pollution that have degraded the environment of this earth. If I try to recall the teachings of my school that classification was as follows:
Air pollution
Water pollution
Soil pollution
Noise pollution

But the school never taught and apparently, is not teaching the concept of the most filthiest form of pollution that has existed and continues to prevail, that is, the Human Pollution.


I don’t feel the need to explain the concept of Human Pollution as the term itself is self-explanatory. But if I try to put some efforts in defining the concept then it can be explained as “the degradation of Human race due to the impurities of this materialistic world that are not physical but mental and contribute to the mental paralysis of humans towards each other can be referred to as Human Pollution.”

If you take time to analyse then you’ll find that all the above mentioned forms of pollution are resultant of human pollution. The pollution that has made the humans self-centric who lack the will to act as a support system for each other. The large organisations operating in the system, the governments of different countries or the neighbours who are living next to each other. They all have forgotten the art of synergistic efforts for each other.

Now what’s more traumatizing for this present generation is the way we are trying to reduce this pollution by making efforts that are in turn contributing to it’s growth. Let me explain this with a tiny example:
Those organisations whose primary motive in all the previous decades has been to earn profits with not caring about the ways how they make it, suddenly establishes a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, commonly known as the CSR policy of an organisation. Of course, I am not opposing the idea of CSR but the fact of the matter is that this has again taken the shape of a competition amongst the firms with the hidden motive being to suck more profits through it.

We also have an idea of how the various religions are going one-on-one with each other just to prove the superiority and piousness of one religion over the other.

With all this exercises being stated above, one would want to know the solution for this problem while hoping for someone or some other organisation to come in existence to give a cure to this pollution. But everyone of us will become oblivious to the fact that these organisations, groups, governments has one component in common, humans. So this goes without saying that it is us who will have to change ourselves as this pollution will not end by installing some solar plants or by making efforts to make water reservoirs as in case of air & water pollution.

Take time to introspect and become a catalyst to change.



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