Get Your ALSIceBucketChallenge right!


In past few days the act of making everyone aware about the ALS disease or the motor neurone disease (as it is known in common language) with the help of the chilly Ice Bucket Challenge has really kicked in, with all the glitterati taking up the challenge very sportingly. Be it the dropouts, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg or the Hollywood cult stars Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga, Zac Efron and many others.
The idea is of course to bring awareness about the disease and also donate handsome amount to the research of the disease and funding the R&D for providing cure for this ailment. And the challenge has been very much successful with ALS association showing donations of approx 5.5 million dollars for the Lou Gehrig’s disease.

But then again we prove our sanity and common sense in this exercise also, as I see social networking sites full of people drifting towards the craziness of the challenge and not  concentrating on the purpose of the challenge (as we always do). I have a real life example to substantiate what I said above.

Yesterday only I was discussing this creative and somewhat crazy idea of bringing awareness about the disease through this challenge. And while expecting a loud “Obviously” from my friends and a lot of swearing words, I went ahead and asked
‘Do you guys know what is ALS disease and its fatalities?’
And after a moment of utter silence and all the faces resembling Kristen Stewart’s Oscar winning expressions I knew that these Mofos know nothing about it.
This was shattering for me to know that I have some partially aware friends in my life with utmost dumbness. Whatever, I further asked few more of my friends and the response was depressingly identical.


Now, it is not apt on my part to comment  on whether this is what is happening in the entire world and the purpose of the challenge is somewhat being ignored but I am pretty sure that this will help at least some of us to know about ALS disease better and don’t get lost in the icy water of the challenge.


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