One religion: Worship Money!

Last post was about the bone chilling IceBucketChallenge and all the craziness around. And here I am back again expressing my views about the infected paradigm of this world.


Just a few days back when I was scrolling my Facebook feed I came across this photo with a statement that was so much correct and at the same time a dig at our stupidity. It said “Humans is the only species who pays to live on Earth.”


And a prompt argument towards this statement would be an arrogant response- “We LIVE better.” BETTER? ARE YOU SURE?
But my mind very soon shifted to the existence of money and our priorities towards this man-made DISASTER! Disaster? A strong word indeed but felicitous in present times.

I have always been of a belief that religions have only contributed to divide the humans instead of bringing them nearer to the Creator, God, Almighty or a POTATO(whatever you prefer to call because he doesn’t give a shit about it!). My belief was further substantiated by the fact that there are 4200 known religions in the world in toto. And the purpose of every religion being, bringing souls nearer to the supreme soul. However, we all know the real picture. Ahem ahem!

But then there is money uniting everyone on this holy planet. It has very effectively helped humans to leave their religious beliefs behind and going all guns blazing to earn more and more of it. It’s great that now there are no dustups on the basis of your religious beliefs not in line with mine. But the battle is now to have more money than everyone else. To find ways of getting hefty amounts in my bank account.
Why? What for? Do you ever take a deep breath and realise what chaos we are in? Trying to surpass each other while we work as dead souls. And then there are endless examples where we even forget our relationships, our friends, family and just indulge into the doltish art of making money.

YES, I might sound a bit stupid right now for some and insane for many others. That’s perfectly fine because we don’t think this way and neither are we asked to perform this way. But  believe me you, it’s high time we find a real purpose of life as when you’ll be in lying your grave there will not be anything that will be delivered that you bought from money. The things you did for others, the moments those were full of selflessness,the love that was beyond materials will surely be cherished eternally.



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