I can’t help but wonder, isn’t this the wrong development?

Been a long time since I was here..

Tried my hand at some lyrical kind of content to express my anti-societal views(as always). 

So here we go:-

Changing the lush green covers of this planet
To large infrastructures and unending chaotic settlement,
Was that really an accomplishment?

A planet that had equal resources for each one of us
Reduced to a place of warfare due to differences in every government,
How can this be termed as advancement?

The people who exploit their employees to the lowest levels for earning billions
Become sudden philanthropist so as to act  benevolent,
This is no charity but embarrassment.

From slaughtering the emotions in our hearts for one another
To a delusion of making more money and addressing ourselves intelligent,
May be, It is some kind of insane enlightenment.

The education system that turns the children into patterned thinkers
while taking away the curiosity that was dominant,
Is this learning or dignified punishment?

Today, as l see the ever increasing egos, prejudices, and hatred between fellow beings
But no signs of compassion and contentment,
I can’t help but wonder, isn’t this the wrong development?


14 thoughts on “I can’t help but wonder, isn’t this the wrong development?”

    1. Hope so. But that would need a lot of positive paradigm shifters who can go against the society and their norms. And I am hopeful that something crazy will happen soon. *Fingers crossed*

      1. I already see nature going nuts with a lot of storms here and there, weather acting weirdly. Also there is a lot of uneasiness in a lot of humans due to the regular societal patterns. This is giving me some hope and this is what I meant by crazy.

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