“God must start from square one!”- She advised.

The best part about being a kid is you can be honest as Fuck and still get away with it. Yes, it is an advantage that kids have over grown ups to express there views freely without giving a micro piece of Shit!

Yesterday only, I saw my neighbor’s daughter writing some kind of paragraph or a story sitting in the park nearby. I couldn’t help myself so I went on to have a look what this girl is trying to write so intensely in an age of enjoying the slides in the park.
As I wasn’t able to gather what’s that all about, I went on to ask her:

-What are you writing pretty?
-I am writing a letter, please don’t disturb me.(she responded annoyingly while hiding that piece of paper)

-Sorry for disturbing you sweety, but I wanted to help you in writing this letter. Whom are you writing this to?
The answer was somewhat intriguing and at the same time pure as angels.
-“I am writing this letter to God.”-She uttered.

As I laughed deep inside on her innocence I still managed to control myself and asked
Why? What do you want from God?
-I don’t want anything for myself. But last week, I saw some poor people outside McDonald’s searching for food on ground. I asked mum to buy them burgers and fries but mum denied and said God will take care of them.
While returning home I also saw a lot of people sleeping on the sideways. I again asked mum why they are sleeping here?
She said it’s in their destiny and only God can help them.
So I am writing this to God to help those people who are without food and those living on sideways to give them sufficient food and apartment.

While feeling helpless I had a slight smile on my face because of her gullible nature. I tried to think of a way to cheer this girl up and give a hint of the real world.
-That’s great sweety, God is surely taking care of all of us but he is also hurt that each one of us ignores the sufferings of one another and get engrossed in our own life’s struggle of achieving more and more. And may be he is waiting for us to coexist peacefully while taking care of each other.

-How can this be changed Uncle? How can everyone be happy and helping towards each other?
-This can be changed only by us and the way we exist. But bringing this change will take a lot of high browed kids like you or else God will have to do something crazy.

And then she shouted with great joy as if she has solved the theory of life.
Yess! Mum told me one day that God can do anything. I have an idea! I would ask God to start again from square one. Make all the things again on this earth. With new and better humans who are full of compassion and content and are also caring towards this planet. That will solve everything.

-Wow! That’s an awesome idea pretty. Go ahead and write this to God. He always listens to pure souls like you.
And then I left her with her world of infinite positivity.

That was it! An honest, pure and innocent view of a kid about this world. But it made me wonder (as I see the emotional downfall of humanity and over exploitation of this planet) that this is probably high time for God to take this step. May be, beyond high time. Just may be!


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