Men & Women: Meant to be different not equal!

I am not a FEMINIST
because I am not part of
the delusionary hype created for
women empowerment
every now and then.

And  I am not a damn Sexist also
as I don’t applaud demolition
of women’s dignity with
the actions of opposite sex.

All I am is a human
who doesn’t believe in
bringing equality between
both the sexes ’cause
we are not meant to be equal.

No women empowerment,
No women shattering
No men dominance
No men chauvinism.
Accept the differences
and appreciate each other.


There is an ethereal balance in disproportion.


25 thoughts on “Men & Women: Meant to be different not equal!”

    1. Absolutely right! Men are superior than women in some aspects and vice versa. But dominance is a repercussion of ego. It’s important if both the sexes exist in synergy that, not to mention, requires a lot of empathy towards each other. Synergy helps to diminish the weaknesses of other through one’s strengths. That’s how I see it.

  1. So powerful.

    Being a woman, I actually don’t really support feminists either. They don’t really care about real equality, they just want women to be above men.

    And everyone is different. Instead of showing ego, everyone should just accept and move on.

  2. I like your eloquent expression of your beliefs. I am a feminist, but I also agree with your view of balance — in fact many feminists of this generation do. We are called ‘difference feminists’ — what we want is for difference to be appreciated and to not be oppressed because we are not the same as men. For example, having a work culture that supports men’s AND women’s forms of communication, or a home environment that supports men’s AND women’s need for both leisure and cleanliness.

    Although I think I’d prefer to say ‘different AND equal’.

    1. That’s exactly the same way I feel about it. To enhance a society in such way that everyone is given the respect one deserves irrespective of men and women. But again grouping ourselves in feminists or sexists brings and magnifies the discrimination. What we need is existence beyond sex divisions and connecting on a nonphysical level.

  3. The former Associate Editor of our high school publication told me that our most significant wage or salary as campus scribes, like in Accounting is an intangible asset. It is appreciation! I appreciate your work handsome guy.

      1. I have always thought on these lines. There’s absolutely no need to fight for equality if both sexes accept the differences. One don’t have to be biased. All you need is to open up your mind and let it be! Difference is what makes the world interesting!

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