5 points that tell it’s better to be drunk all the time!

It’s not good to be high.
To not be in control of your senses.
You never really have
control on what you say or do
and things like that.

That’s what they all say and it’s absolutely right, at least scientifically.

What I personally want is to be in a drunken state for all day long. Not because I am in some kind of passionate love with whiskies or the drunkards, for that matter. But because it’s easier that way to pass the day without taking any stress.
You don’t agree me? Then, here are five advantages that a boozed up person have over the sober:

Truth, and only truth:
Because they are out of their fucking senses!! So what you get to hear is nothing but pure TRUTHS from them. It’s so relieving to just speak the things as they are. Once read a quote somewhere that said
“The best about saying the truth is you don’t have to remember what you said.”
And that’s a great lift of being high.

Mind timed-out:
This mind is always blabbering about one thing or the other and thus creating all the worries about situations that would never take place even in the parallel universe. So here comes the second best part(best one is yet to come) about being drunk: Mind ZONED out. It does let the mind judge the situations rather helps you to enjoy the moment generously.

Increased Delight in solitude:
Solitude is almost essential in everyone’s life as it let’s you introspect and helps you reconnect with the being. Get into the tipsy zone and there’s increased elation in solitude that one experiences. And believe me you, it is no less than bliss.

Feelings pouring out (may be a bit too much):
“We think too much and feel very little.” – Charlie Chaplin
And that’s what keeps us from cherishing the life while straining ourselves in every way possible. But as you get into the euphoric corridor, you start to feel every bit of life and at the same time avoiding the continuous analysis and scrutiny of situations.

Doesn’t give a fuck about being offensive:
This is the best part(or my personal favorite)

Okay, so sometimes we say things that are rude(but mind you, true in every sense) and then sweat about it the whole day despite of just leaving it alone ’cause that’s already happened and won’t change. But these loaded fucktards don’t give a rat’s ass about being rough to people and say what they feel right into your FACE. And you know what’s the best part about this is they don’t even knows that it sounded offensive. *chuckles*


Thank you.

© Life and its ingredients.


7 thoughts on “5 points that tell it’s better to be drunk all the time!”

  1. You’re right about these advantages…but i still think ‘life’s natural high’ is better. I mean experiencing the same sense of being without actually getting drunk, and realising the special pleasure of it altogether 🙂

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