Dreaming for Vandalism, not Progress!

No I am not vouching for some kind of apocalypse where we destroy each other’s property without any thoughtfulness. But I really want Vandalism on a broader level, where humans destroy everything created by us over the period of our existence.

But a question quickly pops up to every sane mind, why Vandalism? Why destroying everything that we built or invented in a period of millions of years?

The answer can only be answered by “insane minds”(as the society may address) who think against the general perspective.  People, who have already realized the evils of our exceptional moronic progress.

Let’s not call it progress,
That has destroyed the planet &
made the industries to prosper.

Where we know all the science
but no idea about art of mirth.

That has made us to earn more
and stress ourselves even more.

Where we have more faith in
technology than humans.

That sent us to moon & mars
but helped us to ignore neighbors.

Where we learned to calculate
feelings in dollars and pounds.

Let’s just hope for vandalism,
When there will be absolute chaos
and a chance to start again.


© Life and its ingredients.


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