I care for animals, but don’t really like the idea of pets.

If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up, it dies
and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation.  –Osho

This quote has always been very close to my heart. Because it simplifies the whole idea of love effortlessly. Love is truly about appreciation of what gives you content and delight.

And as I write today about pets, I have never liked the idea of making animals/birds our pets and then showing our deepest affection to them as if we are the only ones responsible for illustrating the unconditional love to the society. Not to mention, that too in times where we have enough hatred for the people of our own species. *sighs*

So the question that arises here is, Why we find so much pleasure in establishing our ownership over creatures of other species?
I mean how would you justify the fact that we choose our favorite breed of a living being and then just pick one and pay a handsome amount for that?!
How can you differ this from buying just another grocery product? Seems difficult, at least to me.

OK, now just try to imagine this:
Would YOU be comfortable if someone doesn’t understand your language and keeps on doing guess work on what you feel happy about, where do you want to go or in other words, how would you like to live YOUR own life. Not good, I suppose.
And on top of that you are being chained for a large amount of time while the one who chained you is snuggling whenever they have got time to do so. Voilà! Now you have to play a role of stress buster for them.

No, I am not against taking care of animals and admiring the innocent & dedicated love that they show towards us. It’s the least we can do for their loyal nature.
But why cannot there be love flowing for all the dogs or cats out there rather than just for the one or two you have?
Why can’t we just adore the beauty of a parrot without bringing him behind some bars?

Question yourself, question your friends, question anyone out there if you don’t like the bondage of these cheerful creatures.


And at last:

We always strived for freedom and that’s what we got.
Let’s not shackle any of them, this behavior is tommyrot.


6 thoughts on “I care for animals, but don’t really like the idea of pets.”

  1. Hi, just had a thought…. Many people take stray animals as pets… Many people take in orphan or abandoned animals as pets… But as Time goes by the animals become a part of their family ( my personal experience was my late dog tried being the alpha…) And when all is said we need an attachment to show care and love… One may feed a street dog.. Give shelter but not a true home unless they take it in

    1. A nice argument there. Taking orphans and abandoned as pets and taking care of them to the fullest. But the whole idea spoils just when we take ownership in them, and forget about all the other animals suffering out there. And I wonder why can’t there be attachment to all the stray dogs or orphans if one feels strongly about them? Why there is a need to chain them according to our convenience (with exceptions though) and then shower our unending love? And moreover if I feed 10 dogs everyday and don’t really take them in, I will surely develop an attachment with them (and vice versa) and would be able to provide care for each one of them.

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