Uncle Tom and Robin. Part 1- “I don’t call him GOD”

Robin is a young, refined and a sharp-witted lad who unlike others in his age, believe in the supremacy of the God and is always praying for a blissful life ahead. He comes from a family where both parents are working heavy-handedly to earn a (more than handsome) living for themselves and also provide best for their only son.

Robin has just entered into his twenties and is very pumped up to make it big in his life without having any tiny clue of how he’ll do that.
With high school coming to an end in couple of weeks, the fears and concerns of a successful career are hovering on his tiny head. But he has found a way to keep those fears at bay by going to a park in the vicinity daily. This has not been a wretched decision by any means, as he is already learning to enjoy the calm and stillness of the nature and also align his mind with the creator, whom he has always trusted.

Apart from this soothing nature walk, he has made an unwonted relationship with an elderly and aged man, Uncle Tom. Tom is a high-rised, broad personality bent down by the age. His face with unending wrinkles and some freckles here and there, still manages to convey the wisdom he has gained from his journey in this life.
The strange thing about Robin’s relationship with Tom is that he knows nothing about Tom but every time he passes this old fellow, they wave at each other with great fervor and an unworldly smile covers their faces.

As the days pass by, on another usual day a mail drops in for Robin, and to his delight this is a mail from a company he always wanted to be a part of. They are calling him for an interview and are also offering a healthy compensation.
Robin is feeling on top of the world with immense excitement as this will bring a closedown to his anxieties.
Later that day, as he visits the park for keeping his mind unattached from the earthly activities, he again meets Uncle Tom. And as he passes him this time, he could stop himself from sharing his attainments with him. With a cheerful smile on his way, he reaches to Uncle Tom.
Here’s the conversation that holds between them:

Robin – Hi uncle, how are you doing today? I am Robin. – He asks openheartedly as if they have known each other from ages.

With his aged face showing great content and solace, he answers:
Uncle Tom – I am sitting in the most amazing place left on this earth with all the greenery and tranquility around, I can only feel wonderful. How is your life, chap?

Robin – God has always been very kind Uncle. I have got better than I have desired for. Always been surprised by the felicities God has showered on me.

Uncle Tom – Yes, Potato always listens to faithful souls like you. – He replied casually.

With astonishing look on his face, Robin tries to understand Tom’s response.
Robin – Potato?! I am talking about God, uncle. The creator, supremo, the controller of everything. And you said potato. What do you mean?

Not wanting to give any explanation to this lad, Tom gives a lame response.
Uncle Tom – Nothing. I just prefer calling him Potato.

Robin – Addressing the one with all the dominance and control over the universe with such a name. It’s hard for me to digest this.

Uncle Tom – But it’s better than calling him God, which has become a disgrace for the Almighty, the greatest soul and the caretaker of the universe.
Tom answered with great annoyance and wrath.

Baffled with Tom’s contradicting answers Robin asks:
Robin – I don’t get it Uncle. Your answers represent nontraditional devotion towards God that I find hard to comprehend. I feel there is something very esoteric about your perspective and I want to grasp all of it.

Uncle Tom – You want to know why I don’t address the omnipresent as God? Why I feel agitated when people make God a word to play around with?

Robin – Yes, of course.

Uncle Tom – Then sit back and carefully gather everything I say.
The word God is dishonor for the unending, eternal, divine entity that he is. Tell me Robin, he asks with disgust, what do you imagine when you say God?

Robin – I imagine what any other sane  human would see, a powerful, long-lived protector dressed in white clothes, who will secure me in deep troubles.

Uncle Tom – That is what the conundrum is. – He answers with extreme aversion as he continues further.:
We limit the limitless, we imagine an exact presence of the universal, we try to measure the power of the fathomless.
Don’t you feel we use the word very often without the adoration and fervent it demands and not imagining the command it holds over the all mankind. The word God is a cliché and is time worn which does not present the prominence of the Lord.

As he gets furious about this world’s mindless acts, the place is surrounded with utter silence He tries to calm himself and continues:
You know when you fear someone, you only accept and appreciate their dominance and ignore all other attributes it holds that are to be admired and loved. That’s what we are doing to the Almighty, the supreme being. We are fearing him for his imperium and are not assuming the ardor towards him.

Enthralled and astonished by Uncle Tom’s views about God, Robin asks but why potato then?

With a slight grin on his crinkled face, Tom answers:
Tom – It’s better than addressing the eternal as God. Because when I say Potato will take care of everything, I know whom I am referring to. I ascertain all the timeless features it possess. I give the stature it demands. I understand the pleasure and divinity it holds. It’s a personal name that I have given to my originator. You can also give him a name, he doesn’t care about it. But what matters is the devotedness of your identity when you address him. The positivity that fills the atmosphere when you remember him.

As the strong emotions poured in Robin’s mind with the assertive and pious view points of this sage in an ordinary outlook. He gabbles:

Robin – I feel blessed to have met you. You have given me a glimpse of the infinite power and fervor of the establisher of this entire universe. You have made me realise the anonymity and facelessness I have been a part of.

And as Tom admires the innocence and enthusiasm on this kid’s face, he says:

It’s the Potato who does everything so effortlessly.

And that day Robin went home with an overflow of abundance in his mind and a feeling of regard towards this man with soothing effect.

Life and its ingredients.


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