Refine me.

How it feels to feed the ego
and completely hate someone.
Forget everything in a minute
and spread negativity that begun.
I wanna entertain the feelings
when you’ll fully decline me
Please be my intense enemy
and sincerely refine me.

Let’s nurture the angelic
closeness for one another.
You caress me with care like
one hand washes the other.
We’ll present a pious love
and you may enshrine me
Please be my holy lover
and sincerely refine me.

Step forward and show me
what it’s like to be faithful.
Portray the heavenly bond
that is extremely tasteful.
I’ll rejoice in the comfort
as you’ll quietly align me
Please be my humble friend
and sincerely refine me.

Mark even my tiny mistakes
and take note of big blunders.
Also recommend me solutions
to all these mundane thunders.
I’ll be thanking you jubilantly
as my errors will resign me
Please be my sound criticizer
and sincerely refine me.

Don’t let me sink in this
antsy and broke society.
And teach me everything
that strengthens my piety.
I’ll pay you eternal homage
as you’ll smoothly design me
Please be my all-round teacher
and sincerely refine me.

Life and its ingredients.


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