Uncle Tom and Robin. Part 2 – “The 100% policy”

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As Robin returns home that evening after a divine conversation with Uncle Tom, he cannot stop his mind from pondering about the very vast and fathomless nature of Potatoas in Tom’s expression. He is hoping for a fruitful discussion with Tom the next evening as he tries to sleep in utter excitement.

Next day, with the usual time of the evening ticking at the clock, Robin goes to the park and meets Uncle Tom with a hint of perkiness.

Uncle Tom– Hello my child! How are you feeling today on this cheerful and bright evening?

Robin– With priceless thoughts from yesterday’s discussion still in my mind I feel thrilled and ecstatic. How was your day till now?- he asks with a broad smile.

Uncle Tom – “It was similar to other days of my life”, he soothed, “filled with faith & tranquility and a gratitude towards the eternal for this wonderful life.”

Robin – “That’s great Uncle.” And after a slight pause he shouted with a spark in his eyes,  Oh Uncle!! Did I tell you yesterday about this job that I have been offered by a reputed organisation??

“No you didn’t tell me anything about it son.”- Tom responded with the same astonishment.

“It is the company of my dreams, Uncle.” Robin expressed enthusiastically, “And with a job that is just tailor made for me.”
“But I also have a fear inside me”, he continued anxiously, “I have a fear of not performing my job to the expectations of the company and failing my abilities. I sweat about not being able to deliver myself to the best of my potential. I have nightmares of failures biting me. What can I do, Uncle?” -he questioned with fearsome expressions.

With that serene smile of his covering the gratified face, Tom responds:
“Don’t you worry my child. I have a technique to overcome this stress that I myself used in my younger age. I call it the “100% policy”.

Robin -100% policy?! What is this policy and how will it help me?- he enquired with a confused mind.

Uncle Tom – “It has been very productive in my life and always helped me to align my focus on the work at hand without fretting about the surroundings.” And he further suggested:
“As you do any task or take any decision in your life, be it a very tiny one or something that is life-changing,  give your 100% and put the consequences in Almighty’s command. Never try to deduce about the results and let the creator take care of it, for he knows better.”

“What if I don’t get the expected results even after my 100%?” – Robin inquired.

Uncle Tom – “Do you always know what’s best for you or what you expected will always be benignant for you?”, he continued, “Let your faith in him derive your future and dedicate yourself fully to the task at hand. And always remember this one rule: “Never worry about the consequences when you are at it.” Because when you are worrying it is not your 100% in the work you are doing.”

“And you know what Potato always does so splendidly”,  he concludes while comforting Robin, “He sustains them who has their faith in him.

Robin – Oh Uncle, you make everything so mindless and clear, he lauded. I was so agitated about the future up until now and here I am filled with immense confidence and vigor.

“It’s all that I have grasped through the passage of life”, Tom uttered. “All these years have only helped me to simplify life and that’s what I deliver to you.”
“Your life must have been some journey till now.” –he replies admiringly, “I would love to know what you did when you were my age, what your earlier life was like.”
“Please tell me about your life Uncle”, he asked animatedly.

Uncle Tom – I was a…

And suddenly Robin startled looking at his watch, “It’s 7 pm uncle!  I need to hurry or mom would be very angry.”
“I would come tomorrow to hear your life story Uncle.” shouting as he rushed for his home.

“Yes, your spiritual curiosity will surely bring you back”- Tom murmured to himself with a grin.

©Life and its ingredients.


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